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Spok Expands Its Commitment to Enterprise-wide Communication with Enhanced Capabilities and a New Device

With Spok Go®, hospitals can use one secure platform to advance their purpose to provide exceptional patient care, while the new ReadyCall® Text pager helps improve patient experience with on-site communication.

SPRINGFIELD, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 31, 2021-- Spok, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Spok Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPOK) and a global leader in healthcare communication and collaboration announces its newest version of Spok Go® and introduces the ReadyCall® Text pager. Both are recent additions to Spok solutions that have helped improve care team collaboration and communication at more than 2,200 hospitals worldwide, including all 30 of the U.S. News and World Report Best Hospitals Honor Roll.

“Our goal has always been to build and continually enhance communication solutions that can help save lives and eliminate the barriers to effective communication facing healthcare systems today,” said Vincent D. Kelly, president and chief executive officer of Spok Holdings, Inc. “We are laser-focused on providing solutions that extend across the whole organization—not just for a few select departments.”

The latest enhancements to Spok Go include integration options with Spok contact center consoles, powerful laboratory and radiology test results capabilities, and expanded functionality for all hospital staff who use pagers. The company is also releasing a new, HIPAA-compliant waiting room pager to improve communications with patients and families.

These new enhancements further the company’s commitment to enterprise-wide communications for everyone across the hospital or health system, regardless of device or role. The Spok Go improvements allow hospitals and health care systems to:

Integrate with Spok on-premise contact center consoles, allowing hospitals to interweave new technology while maintaining their existing systems.

  • Integrate with Spok Go for secure messaging and alerting – using the current Spok console directory as the source of truth for staff contact details, preferences, and schedules
  • Operators can message on-call team members directly from the console
  • Extends the value of the contact center, which is often the heart of critical communications, by providing the ability to quickly message and connect care teams

With the contact center being the core of many hospital interactions, these enhancements give hospitals and health systems greater ability to rely on one communication platform.

Provide functionality to laboratory and radiology departments that need better technology to manage communication and logging of critical test results.

  • Spok Go can send secure alerts from the laboratory and radiology departments to the responsible provider on a variety of endpoints such as workstations, smartphones, pagers, and other mobile devices
  • Alerts are delivered to providers in an easy-to-read, familiar format to allow for quick interpretation of and response to results
  • Closed loop communication for critical test results and reporting complies with required regulatory documentation

The Spok Go Clinical Diagnostics package provides the foundation that drives rapid test results management for faster action, minimizing the risk of clinical transcription errors with automated processes, eliminating manual processes and wasted time, and meeting regulatory requirements for communicating and documenting critical test results.

Create one integrated system for hospitals that are still relying on pagers due to their superior reliability and cost savings.

  • Hospital pagers can be an endpoint for the Spok Go platform, allowing customers to seamlessly integrate their current devices in combination with Spok Go
  • Spok Go supports users that share pagers and users who only use pagers
  • Spok Go is the only clinical communication and collaboration platform that can prioritize pagers or other devices as an endpoint

Spok provides many solutions to healthcare systems who use pagers as their primary source of enterprise communication. One solution to help increase patient engagement is the recently released ReadyCall® Text waiting room pager. ReadyCall Text enables waiting room and on-site communication for patients or visitors using a small, convenient messaging device that sends HIPAA-compliant text messages with instructions or information between patients and providers. This allows staff to easily engage with patient families, which means families have more real-time information about the care of their loved ones and staff have more time to attend to their patients’ immediate needs. The ReadyCall Text pager’s industry-first antimicrobial casing design eliminates germs on contact, reducing the risk of microorganisms spreading within a building or person-to-person, making Spok an industry leader in providing this type of protection.

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Spok, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Spok Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPOK), headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, is proud to be a global leader in healthcare communications. We deliver clinical information to care teams when and where it matters most to improve patient outcomes. Top hospitals rely on the Spok Go® and Spok Care Connect® platforms to enhance workflows for clinicians and support administrative compliance. Our customers send over 100 million messages each month through their Spok® solutions. When seconds count and patients’ lives are at stake, Spok enables smarter, faster clinical communication. For more information, visit or follow @spoktweets on Twitter.

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